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Name: Edris (Ed) Amiryar
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Starting Weight: 375
Current Weight: 220
Abs Diet Online
The Gain
Having busted into the upper reaches of the charts for cholesterol and blood pressure levels—not to mention suffering from sleep apnea and back problems, Edris Amiryar was only 29 when he learned he had type 2 diabetes. The diagnosis blared at him like a clock radio with a busted snooze button. “I was taking four medications daily, and my doctor recommended weight loss surgery.” Weight loss surgery? At 29? The blow to Amiryar’s ego was too much. “I decided to prove the doctor wrong.” Setting a two-year timeline for himself, Amiryar resolved to get his health back on track without going under the fat-splicing knife.

The Change
Amiryar bought The Abs Diet and read the entire book on his first day of vacation. By the time he got off the plane and checked into his Cabo hotel he’d pinpointed the thing that would make or break his success: having a plan he could follow while he was on the go. “I figured if I could start this diet in a foreign country while vacationing, then I could follow this diet anywhere,” Amiryar says. He gave it a shot. After a week of enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine—while “never feeling deprived,” he notes—Amiryar had lost 10 pounds. “I knew at that point this would be my new lifestyle.”

Once he got home, Amiyar tossed out everything in his fridge and started fresh. In short order he discovered and joined the Abs Diet Online, where he found new meal plans, workouts, and a community of support.

The Lifestyle
Everything about Amiryar’s life is different since he started the Abs Diet —“the way I eat, the way I think about diets, everything.” Even his family’s life has changed. He realized what a horrible example he’d been setting for his kids before the Abs Diet. Now Amiryar’s children no longer eat trans fats or highly processed foods. “The Abs Diet reteaches you how to eat well but sensibly at the same time—anywhere.”

“I don’t think of what I do now as ‘maintenance.’ It’s just part of my daily routine,” he says. “I eat well, follow Abs Diet principles, and work out four to five times per week.”

The Rewards
“I reached my goals, far quicker than I planned. I had planned to lose 100 pounds in 2 years. I lost 155 in one year!”

Aside from dropping the weight, Amiryar got rid of not only his sleep apnea, but his back problems and hypertension. His cholesterol is back to a normal range, his blood sugar is under control, and he has ditched ALL of his medications. Plus, he raves, “I am now insurable!”

His tips
“It's not a diet, it’s a way of life, and it’s simple to follow for life.” Amiryar says. Here are his top tips.

Get off the couch already: “Stick an elliptical and some weights in front of your TV. If you have time to watch a 30-minute sitcom, you have time to work out.”

Capture the evolution: “One thing I do regret is not documenting my progress more in depth. I wish I had taken pictures, etc., early on and every week thereafter. Keeping a progress chart keeps you motivated.”

Be a trend follower: “Use a scale, but don’t be fooled by the numbers. I can make my weight swing up to 10 pounds in a 24-hour period by simply consuming more water. This is another reason that a chart and/or trending is important. Look more at your waistline than scale numbers. In addition, ignore the BMI scale … it takes no account into muscle mass, frame, build, etc. Use a body fat meter and your clothing sizes as a better indicator.”

Forecast a new thread count: “I will say if I did it all over again, I’d plan in a wardrobe budget. I’ve easily spent several thousand dollars on clothes in the last year, as the weight loss occurred much faster than I anticipated.”

Abs Diet Online

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