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Abs Diet Online
Abs Diet Online is an interactive nutrition and fitness program that creates a customized meal plan and workout especially for you!
Check out some of the features that will help you lose weight and build lean muscle --  fast!
Eat Your Way to Better Abs
Each day you’ll receive a customized menu, including recipes and perfect portion sizes that have been carefully designed based on how, when, and what you like to eat. Don’t like what’s in store for you that day? Choose from hundreds of alternatives – or save your favorites. It’s that easy!
Personalize Your Menus
Hate broccoli? Don’t have the ingredients for a particular recipe? No problem. Search our database of thousands of foods and meals to find easy substitutes!
Print Out Weekly Shopping Lists
Use the link at the top of your meal plan to generate a list of all the ingredients you’ll need to follow the week's menu. Just print it out and take it with you to the grocery store!
Kick It Up A Notch
If you really want to turbo-boost your weight loss, add in one of our fitness plans. Workouts are created specifically for your weight loss and fitness goals, ability level and access to equipment (no, you don’t need a gym membership) -- we work with your schedule. Don’t like an exercise? You can swap it.
Take It With You
Take your workout anywhere, just print and go!
Keep it Fun, Maintain the Challenge
Each time you enter your meal and fitness stats for the day, the system learns more about you, and tailors future meal plans and exercises for maximum effectiveness.
Track Your Results Over Time
See how well you’re doing with Abs Diet Online graphs showing your changing weight, measurements, body composition, clothing size, cholesterol levels and more. Get psyched to see yourself speeding toward your goals!
Learn About Your Abs
Fun, informative articles on the latest nutrition news and fitness breakthroughs to expand your knowledge about healthy living and to keep you on track.
Connect for Support
Getting the body you’ve always wanted is easier when you don’t have to go it alone. With Abs Diet Online, you can participate in active message boards on dozens of fitness and weight loss topics — and get support and ideas from experts and others working towards the same results as you.
Abs Diet Online

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