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The Abs Diet Online

“I lost 15 pounds the first time and packed on a lot of muscle. I even had family and co-workers complimenting me. That’s how I know it works.”
MannieJo’s Journal

“Weighed in this morning and 4 pounds lighter already, but more importantly the pants I felt like I was a stuffed sausage in last week I wore yesterday and felt good in them. My jeans are actually loose this morning!”
Dawn0200’s Journal

“I found The Abs Diet Online. Man am I glad I did. I just recorded my results after my first week and I was shocked. I lost 10 pounds already and lost 9 inches off of my body! Plus I don’t feel like I am ‘dieting.’ I enjoy all the meals that I am preparing. They are made with real food and they are full size portions.”
mphspeed’s Journal

“WOW at the end of my first week on the ABS Diet I lost 5 LBS. Not only is it working in terms of what I see in the scales, but I can't tell you how much better I feel.”
jsarabia’s Journal


“So I measured myself for my weekly weigh in and I’ve lost 8 pounds!! I’m so proud of myself since I’ve never been able to accomplish so much loss and I’ve focused super well.”
nsherid’s Journal

“It has been two weeks since I have started the program. I have lost 12 pounds and feel considerably better than before I began this program.”
MXDesa’s Journal

“This is my 3rd day on the program and it is getting easier every day. I have been following the plan to the letter and I am already starting to see results. I know that I am not supposed to weigh myself just yet, however, decided to do it anyway and I have already lost 3 pounds.”
Steve H’s Journal

“Week 8 and I am down 7 pounds. But more exciting than the weight loss (which is really exciting, don’t get me wrong) is the transformation I see in my body. I am starting to see real muscle tone in my arms and an overall change in my body.”
blueyedkate’s Journal

  • DetailsEdris ('Ed') Amiryar

    Name: Edris (“Ed”) Amiryar
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'2"
    Starting Weight: 375
    Current Weight: 220

    Aside from dropping the weight, Ed also got rid of
    his sleep apnea, his back problems, and his hyper-tension. His cholesterol is
    back to normal, his blood
    sugar is under control, and he has ditched ALL of his medications. Plus, he raves, “I am now insurable!“
The LifeStyle

Everything about Ed's life is different since he
started The Abs Diet ? “the way I eat, the way I

think about diets, everything.” Even his family?s
life has changed. He realized what a horrible
example he?d been setting for his kids before
The Abs Diet. Now Ed's children no longer eat
trans fats or highly processed foods. “The Abs
re-teaches you how to eat well but sensibly
at the same time?anywhere.”

“I don?t think of what I do now as ?maintenance.? It?s just part of my daily routine,” he says. “I eat well, follow The Abs Diet principles, and work out four to five times per week.”

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